How to participate - Christmas Eve in Burlington

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How to participate

On Christmas Eve, we gather a large group to worship. Some a regular attendees, some are first time guests, and some are somwhere in-between. We've tried to design a worship experience that will work for everyone.

Our worship texts, songs, readings, etc. are projected on the wall behind the altar. There are also booklets with the worship details, should your view of the projection be obscured. We invite you to join in the singing and responses as displayed through the projection or the booklet.

An important part of worship for us is Communion. In this meal we remember and celebrate how much Jesus was willing to serve us, and show us God's love for us. We take bread and wine, and pray that they become for us Jesus' body and blood. You are welcome to receive Communion when you come to worship. Ushers will help guide you when it is time for the people in your pew to receive. We hope that this can be a very tangible way to receive Jesus into your life at this holy time of Christmas.

We also take up an offering during worship. Donations that we receive during worship are used to fund ministries that provide monthly lunches for seniors, Good Food Boxes for people who find it difficult to get fresh fruits and vegetables, our community garden where people in the community can enjoy their own produce, provide space for community groups and meetings, and so much more ...  If you make a donation during worship, and record your contact information on one of the donation envelopes in the pews, we will send you a tax receipt in the new year.

The most important way to participate though, is by being present. Your presence at worship on the most holy night of Christmas Eve is a real blessing for Holy Cross and we hope you'll come again.

For more information about Holy Cross, see our website at
3455 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON
December 24
5:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
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